How To Perfect Your Next Essay ft. Boss Chic Crate

Midterms are right around the corner-- which means, midterm essays are in session. Here are my tips to make sure you get an A! (Or, at least a decent grade to keep that GPA going strong.)

Mug: Boss Chic Crate


As soon as you get the assignment: brainstorm. Outline some ideas. I like to paste the prompt into a word document and post bullets/phrases underneath the topics. This helps me organize my thoughts.


I like to complete research as I draft my essay. (I don't want to waste anytime researching information that I'm not going to use in my essay. Please don't tell your professor-- or mine for that matter, I said that.)

And then, draft again.

During the second draft is when I like to complete my research. I research topics that need stronger arguments. This balances my essay making it look more complete and thorough.


Edit your paper. I like to read through my paper and move phrases/sentences around to make my paper flow better. I also fix any punctuation mistakes I may have made. Oh! And, now, is a great time to hit up a thesaurus. Word choice is everything.

Go to your school's writing center.

Some of my teachers actually offer extra credit if you go to the writing center. Another set of eyes on your paper does no harm.

Edit. Again.

I know. I know. How many times can you edit something? Just read through it one more time. One more.

Email it to your professor a week in advance.

If your professor will look over your paper before the submission date, take advantage of it! A few of my teachers did this and it really helped me.

Go back and add some things.

Add anything that your professor told you too. Make your paper the best it can be.


Congratulations! You're done!

Editing is key. I highly recommend looking over your paper 2-3 times before you submit it. Your professor will be able to tell you put time and effort into the assignment.

And, celebrate!

Don't forget to celebrate with a cup of coffee in your favorite mug. My current favorite mug is this one from Boss Chic Crate. These mugs are so girly-- and I love them! They look so cute on my desk. This one is so fitting since International Women's Day was on March 8h. Definitely recommend! Go checkout Boss Chic Crate's social media links below.

Question of the Day: How are you enjoying your classes right now? Writing any big papers?

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Winter Makeup Routine

Today, I thought I would share my winter makeup routine with y'all. I've been testing some new makeup products and love this combo!

I tested the look on my sister, Natalie:


Face Base Illuminating Primer | Models Own

I use clean fingers to apply this product onto my face. (CAUTION: It is extremely sparkly!)

Dream Fresh BB Cream | Maybelline

I use a wet sponge to apply this product to my face. I like to use two coats of this product because it's so sheer. If I have any redness/imperfections I'll go with a concealer.

#NoFilter Finishing Powder | NYX Professional Makeup

This is my favorite powder of all time. It makes my skin look so smooth and radiant.

Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush | Tarte Cosmetics

I love this blush! It lasts a whole school day, which is a miracle to me.

High Beam Liquid Face Highlighter | Benefit Cosmetics

As far as I'm concerned, this is the best highlighter on the market. I like to apply this to not only my cheekbones, but the center of my face too.


Highliner Gel Eye Crayon  | Marc Jacobs Beauty

I simply tight line my upper lash line.

Troublemaker Mascara | Urban Decay

I don't love this mascara, but it's growing on me. I definitely prefer Urban Decay's Perversion mascara.

Brow Shaping Gel | Ulta Beauty

I like to run a bit of product through my brows to keep them in place. This product does just the trick!


Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss | Essence Makeup

This is my favorite lipgloss. I can't say enough great things about it. It's so shiny! A little bit goes a long way (and it lasts a really long time, too!) My go to trick: Apply a little bit of product to the center of your lips. Not only does it look more natural, but it makes your lips appear fuller. Win, win!

Question of the Week: What's your favorite makeup product? 

10 Things To Do On Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner! I am so excited to be able to take a break and focus on my mental health-- college can be so stressful!

1. Catch up on school work.

Now is as good as time as any to get caught up on assignments. You can work at your own speed and devote the time necessary to that assignment you've been putting off.

2. Get ahead on assignments.

So, maybe you're like me and want to get ahead on some assignments. Not a bad idea! I like to use break as a time to get ahead on readings and final projects.

3. Do some spring cleaning.

I know when I come home for the weekends, I usually don't do much cleaning. Now is a perfect time to dust my room and clean out any old makeup in my drawers.

4. Catch up on some sleep.

I know I'm not the only one who stayed up until 2 AM last week writing a paper for my psychology class. Girl, take this time to rest.

5. Get together with high school friends.

If you're home and you have the time, get together with your high school friends. It will be nice to see their faces again.

6. Work on a hobby.

I'm sure you all know my hobby is blogging. It's my pride and joy. If you have a hobby dedicate some time to it. In college, you're always working on assignments. Now is a great time to show yourself some love.

7. Go to the beach.

For the Instagram pics.

8. Spend some quality time with your family.

I spend Monday-Friday at Cabrini University. I spend Saturdays running around and Sundays are really the only day I get to see my family. And, that's when soccer season isn't in session. And, when is it not?

9. Go on a mini vacation.

Hey, if you're bank account allows for it, get away for awhile!

10. Relax.

Do a face mask. Paint your nails. Watch Netflix.

Question of the Day: What are your plans over Spring Break?

My Current Gym Playlist

In honor of the New Year, I've challenged myself to fight off the freshman fifteen. In order to do that, I've been hitting the gym twice a week. Every now and then, I change up what I listen to while I workout. However, I always find myself going back to these songs.

Here are some of the songs I've been jamming to while on the treadmill: 

Question of the Day: What's your favorite song to workout to?

How To Prep For A New Semester (Ft. My Favorite Free Printables!)

Most of my friends from high school are heading back to college this week. Therefore, I thought: what better time to post a blog on getting ready for a new semester than now!

Here's how I'm getting ready for my spring semester at Cabrini University:

1. I start my checking my college's portal and email for syllabi.

Some teachers are really good about uploading the syllabus to your portal. And, some teachers are not. As much as I love technology, I still like to have physical pieces of paper in my hand. With that being said, I immediately print out a syllabus when I see it.

2. After printing out all of my syllabi, I put all important dates into my planner.

This actually saved my life on more than one occasion. I completely forgot about an assignment-- it was due the next day. I don't know what I would have done! Thank goodness it was in my planner!

3. Afterwards, I go through my planner and put all assignments on a free printable.

This is my favorite free printable of all time. It's super helpful! Go back through your planner and write down all of your assignments in order. Then, as you plow through the semester cross assignments off as you complete them. Easy as that! Click HERE.

4. Order textbooks.

Stay on top of your game and order your textbooks. You can always return them if you don't need them. However, if you don't need them, consider keeping them. It's nice to have a textbook to follow along with. My favorite place to purchase books is from the Barnes & Noble Marketplace. I got a book I needed for $1.99. I know, I know. Please, hold the applause.

5. Make a schedule.

First, write down when your classes are. Then, add in study times and workout periods. Oh, and if you're a blogger like myself, add in some time to get crafty. And, most importantly, schedule some time to relax. College is stressful. Don't burn yourself out. Schedule in some time to Netflix and chill or listen to some music and do a face mask. Checkout this Tumblr account for a ton of other free printables: The Organized Student.

6. Buy supplies.

I like to buy new folders and notebooks for each class. I also like to pick up another set of my favorite R.S.V.P pens and highlighters. Oh, and index cards! I'm always running out of them.

7. I like to finish up by adding any important dates to my calendar/planner.

I like to add birthdays, holidays, and breaks to my planner. I'm actually off the last week of February and the last week of March. How exciting is that? This way, if I'm falling behind on assignments, I can simply take the time over break to catch up on them.

8. Relax.

I like to spend the week before I go back to school taking care of myself. I like to get my toes done, do a face mask, and watch Netflix. This way, I feel fresh and confident when taking on my new classes.

Question of the Week: How do you get ready for a new semester?